Production process of luminescent pathway

1. Base course treatment: before the construction of colored permeable concrete luminous pavement surface, the base course shall be cleaned. After the treatment, the surface of the base course shall be rough, clean and free of ponding, and shall be kept in a certain moist state.


2. The capacity of the mixer should be selected according to the engineering quantity, construction progress, construction sequence, transportation means and other parameters. The transportation time of fresh concrete from the machine to the working face should not exceed 30 minutes. The concrete is mixed with cement wrapped stone. First, add the stone and 50% water into the mixer to mix,. Then add cement and pigment powder to mix. Finally, the remaining amount of water is added for mixing and discharging.

. Brick laying construction; pervious concrete mixture shall be evenly spread, and the flatness and drainage gradient shall meet the requirements. The permeable concrete is compacted with a polishing machine, and the first time of polishing is completed. The bright resin light-emitting stones are sown. The particle size is 5mm-8mm, and the particle size of 8mm-15mm can also be used to decorate. Control the seeding density according to the design requirements (0.5-1 Jin is recommended for the general star sky). Trowel, (choose yellow green and blue green two colors to pave the road, the best effect) and then trowel compaction. Finish the pervious concrete surface with a troweling machine. If necessary, it shall be compacted and leveled manually. The light collection meets the design flatness requirements.


4. Finished product maintenance; after the construction of pervious concrete pavement. Plastic film or geotextile covering and other methods are adopted for curing. In order to prevent the rapid evaporation of surface water. The curing time should be determined according to the strength growth of permeable concrete, and the curing time should not be less than 7 days. After the curing period, the expansion joint shall be cut and glued. Transparent protective type for spray coating

Post time: Mar-01-2021