New journey, new goal and new starting point of luminescent materials

New start, new journey, new goal


At the beginning of the Chinese new year, everything looks new. After the traditional Chinese new year, we, grand luminous, have officially started work, and all the preparations are ready. At the beginning of the Chinese new year, we wish my suppliers and customers every success in the new year. Our company will continue to drop, stable product quality, stability of our products, especially luminous powder, such as cost-effective, high brightness, fast excitation method of high level. Continue to improve the high level of timely delivery rate. Continue to expand the sales channels and sales ideas of luminous masterbatch products, and widely accept and meet the needs of injection molding and extrusion products. Continue to stabilize the compatibility of luminescent masterbatch and raw material particles. We will deliver the products of light-emitting films and light-emitting boards that meet the EU standards to the most needy customers in the first time, and consolidate its core position in the company's sales.

In the new year, we will work side by side with our customers to open up and innovate, and jointly develop the new situation of luminescent materials all over the world and in all fields.

Post time: Mar-01-2021