Hot selling luminescent films in 2020

According to the requirements of computer lettering, digital inkjet printing, screen printing and UV printing, our pet, PVC luminous film is a good choice. High brightness, long afterglow time, high cost performance.

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The following is the data sheet for your reference.


PVC Film Luminance specifications data

Type of plate: PVC Photoluminescent film
Adhesive With adhesive back.
Color: Glowing : yellow-green
Thikness of film : 0.35mm 0.35mm 0.40mm 0.40mm
Standard Width 1240mm
Glowing color: Yellow-green
Length Max 25M, 45M, 50Mor according to your option
Surface Slight yellow color, Rough surface or smooth surface according to your requirments
Shelf life More than 5 years
Features Suit for digital printing, inkjet printing and silk screen printting,etc.
 Luminance test For each model YML-Y40JH YML-Y60JH YML-Y80JH YML-Y10JH(YML-200M)
Test method  DIN67510 part 1 DIN67510 Part 1 Din67510 part 1 Din67510 part 1
Luminance after 10minutes  Mcd/m2 105 160 200 246
Luminance after 60minutes Mcd/m2 12 20 26 30
Decay time in mintues 740 950 1020 1100


Note: the above data will be changed if the glowing color to be arranged in Blue-green or sky-blue.

Post time: Nov-30-2020