• Fast excited Photoluminescent Pigment

    Fast excited Photoluminescent Pigment

    Our long-after glow photo-luminescent pigment can Emits light by absorption of various visible lights and can be repeatedly used. The products do not contain any radiating elements and can be evenly spread as an additive among the transparent agents such as coating, ink, paint, plastics, cereal, glass, fiber to activate the emitting functions of the agents.
    The pigment of the type takes on its natural color in bright places and emits different colors of lights in darkness. It can be used for emergent lighting, indication marks and embellishment.
  • Fast excited series luminescent pigment

    Fast excited series luminescent pigment

    Easy excited, high performance-price radio super long after-glow strontium aluminated based luminescent pigment Specifications as following Glow color:yellow-green Product series Specs/code Luminance(mcd/m2) Afterglow time Min Particle size (in um  D50) Maximum particle diameter 1 Min 10 Min 60 Min Dmax (um)< RBG-60DJ101S’ RBG-601DJ101S 4000 650 65 8000 75~85 120 RBG-602DJ102S 3300 450 ...